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If you’re looking for land for sale in Alabama or thinking about selling land in Alabama, AlaLandCo is the name you need to remember. We are a full time land and farm brokerage company dedicated to providing the best service and the best results when it comes to buying or selling rural property in our state.

alabama land for sale

Why Alabama Land?

With the lowest land taxes in the country, high timber and crop productivity, abundant fish and game, abundant streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and pond sites, beautiful scenery and low prices compared to the rest of the country; Alabama land has been and will continue to be a sound, growing investment.

Whether you’re into mountain views or secluded low country, towering hemlocks or moss draped live oaks, a profitable pine plantation or a long leaf pine preserve, a whitewater creek or a mighty slow moving river, caves or swamps, canyons or flat blackbelt plain, golden sunsets or gold panning, cattle land or cotton land, deer hunting or wildlife photography; Alabama has all of this to offer and more.



The AlaLandCo team is now serving Georgia as Southeastern Land Group.
Click HERE to view listings in Georgia

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Farm Land For Sale – Opportunity Alert
- With the recent run-up in row-crop farmland prices, savvy investors should be looking to similar investments that offer many of the same benefits of crop land ownership, without the hefty price tag. Timberland is just such an asset. In fact, timber is a crop. It just has a much longer production cycle. And here’s a secret…when you look at the asset classes held by the ultra-wealthy, almost without fail, you will see a heavy timberland flavor...(Read More)

Alalandco Timber Bid Division

We at AlaLandCo have the unique ability to offer you Timber guidance and Real Estate guidance simultaneously.

It is extremely important to make sure that what you are doing with your timber harvest has as little negative impact on the future real estate or “dirt” value of your property as possible. Read More...


The Alalandco Difference

Whether you are buying or selling, you need a land team that understands all the various factors that determine land value, i.e; timber value, road frontage, school districting, surrounding properties, county and state road frontage, interior road and trail systems, wildlife population, topography, soil type, agricultural value, subsurface value, pasture value, fencing, views, creek and river frontage, ponds and pond sites, existing structures, large tract subdivision potential, small tract subdivision potential --- just to name a few common factors.

Further, we work closely with other land business associates who along with us will help meet your needs, i.e; 1031 exchange attorneys, closing attorneys, surveyors, foresters, farmers, REITS, excavators, bankers, appraisers and governmental agents.

The three main keys to selling property are:
  • To make sure you have access to all the best parts of a property via an internal road and trail system. Pointing from the paved road does not work.

  • Show a property thoroughly, while describing all that property’s selling features and...

  • Track and monitor customized marketing campaigns; if one marketing method or advertising source does not work, then we’ll try another.

If you’re looking to buy property in Alabama, great service is what you deserve and great service is what you’ll get here at AlaLandCo. We’ll listen to your land needs and desires and help you find just what you’re looking for.

Please contact the Listing Agent or Broker before going to view any of our properties.


Remember, if you are at all interested in buying or selling land in Alabama; don’t go it alone. Let the AlaLandCo team help you to meet or exceed your land buying and/or selling goals. Call, write or e-mail our office and lets go take a look at your piece of Alabama.